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May 27, 2016


We’re honored to have had the opportunity to collaborate with our good friends at Japan-based USDMFREAX Magazine. Readers will find the very first limited PRIME box sticker included in this month’s issue. USDMFREAX Magazine has been sharing the culture of US import/domestic¬†car life to the Japanese and global audience for the past few years. At PRIME, we’re all about supporting print, especially when it’s quality such as this. One of my favorite aspects about USDMFREAX is the mix of cultures they often feature. East Coast, West Coast and everywhere in between. We may differ in styles across America, but that’s what makes car life so interesting. Thanks to USDMFREAX, our culture is displayed on magazine stands on the other side of the world. The same way some of us were inspired by magazines displaying car life in Japan, US car culture is inspiring our Japanese counterparts. PRIME is now in Japan.

Pick up the latest issue of USDMFREAX here.

Thank you, Kinta!

Image Courtesy of our friend @yeahbui

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