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Who are we?

PRIME is the intersection of car life and knowledge. We see ourselves as automotive stewards, historians, enthusiasts, teachers and learners all at the same time. We’ve been involved with Japanese cars for a significant part of our lives and feel that there has always been a void in the representation of cars that hail from NYC and the surrounding areas.

The West Coast and other parts of the US are nearly synonymous with modified cars. NYC’s top method of transportation being train, bus or taxi, the modified car culture of the Tri-State area is often overlooked. It takes even more dedication and passion to sustain our love for cars. Most of us literally don’t have a need for cars and/or lack the space and funds to have the long-standing projects that we do. Its the community of enthusiasts that have helped us build our cars. That is the exact community we aim to develop and nurture. Our goal is to promote and curate a car community that values individuality and authenticity while using car knowledge to execute builds that represent a wide range of tuning cultures.

Japanese cars of the 90’s really had an impression on us. Influenced by the likes of Hasegawa & Kitagawa of HKS; Ichishima of Spoon Sports; Amemiya of RE; and Tsuchiya, N.O.B., Orido, through BMI/Hot Version/Option videos, we were encapsulated by the styles, dedication, and power these individuals were able to distill out of their machines. We hope to continue their spirits and perhaps inspire a new generation of individuals who not only appreciate the efforts of the founders but are also able to forge their own interpretations of JDM styling cues.


Mostly gone are the days where we would meet up to exclusively exchange information or subscribe to magazines to see how things are installed or product reviews. The difference between a well put-together car, and one that’s regarded as one of the masses, is insight on parts, capabilities, limitations and respect for the history and culture. When putting together a car for either form or function, knowledge is needed to reach either goal. Some are in it for the thrill of the hunt while others are clearly parts hoarding for the future. Either way, we aim to play a part in the process of building your car and some of the lives you lead as enthusiasts.


While we are based in NYC, we have no borders or boundaries. Our eyes are focused on global car culture. Brooklyn to Chicago, Thailand to Malaysia, Japan to South America, Germany to Dubai, and everything in between. Past, present and future perspectives of automotive culture and life style will be shared to inspire all who seek knowledge and good times.