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WEKEAST: A.M. Session

August 23, 2016


It’s a tradition. The weekend of Wekeast guarantees quite a few things, top level cars, seeing your friends and little to no sleep. This year, as with every year, around 6AM, on a seemingly random Summer Sunday morning, we met with a crew of highly modified JDM cars at an undisclosed location. The first mission: COFFEE. Mission two: Roll deep to Wekeast!

Pulling into the parking area, we once again realize our friends at Ravspec never cease to impress. Every year, there’s something fresh and new in their fleet of builds. In 2015 we saw the RocketBunny FD make it’s WF debut, this year it’s the RE-Amemiya AC037 version. Instantly recognizable to long time fans of JDM tuning. Seeing Phil and his car again reminded us of the epic night that was 7’s day NYC.



Pravan’s WALD LS along with this beautiful Porsche would make a perfect daily/weekend pair. Just not sure which would be for the weekend and vice versa. Love the contrasting style here, even down the color.

_MG_9484 2

Not to be out done on the Lexus side of things, Kenny brought out his newly finished Artisan Spirits RC-F. This car is a dream.



Before long, the color of the sky began to shift, signaling the time for departure. We out to Jersey!



Arriving to the Edison Convention Center parking lot is always a spectacle. Personally, it’s my favorite moment of any car show. Watching one build after another enter either alone or with a large group. Eyes of drivers and passengers searching for comrades or competition. Once the cars are parked, the stories begin. Who did what on the way? What new part did you get? How far did you drive? Did you sleep? Stories of #wekfestprep that unfold as the sun appears over the horizon. The energy for the day continues to build.












_MG_9608 _MG_9616



Last year we saw the incredible RE-Amemiya FC. This year, Japanese Classsics returns with more JDM goodness. This time with a very unique vehicle that embodies one of the more unique styles of Japanese customization culture.


Told you it was interesting. We’ll take a closer look later.


Two familiar cars and faces appear. These two need no introduction.


Before long, it was time to roll in. WekEast 2016 was coming together…


Always dope to see competitors from far out of town. We reminisced on our Wekfest Chicago road trip earlier this year when we saw this immaculate ITR. Such perfection. Here are a few more captures as roll-in continued.


A.M. sessions always sound a bit unnerving. Waking up at the crack of dawn on a weekend. Yet somehow, we all manage to do it and always enjoy the experience in one way or another. There was a hilarious meme about this circulating about a year ago that kept coming to mind. With the excitement for the morning wrapping up, the next stage was fast approaching. Up next, WEKEAST 2016!

Photos by Pravan. Special mention to Zandro for some of the rolling captures.

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