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Ravspec’s entry into SEMA 2016

October 31, 2016

Expansion of facilities, sales and employees are all valid measures of growth for companies but with automotive companies, it is a bit different. Within the automotive industry, growth comes in the form of industry recognition and involvement of  car builds destined for nationwide shows such as the New York International Autoshow (NYIAS) and the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show. Ravspec in recent years has done both on numerous occasions and continues to do so for SEMA 2016. For years, Japanese aftermarket equipment makers and distributors have fought to receive similar recognition as American companies such as Holley,Year One, Jegs, Edelbrock, and Procharger. It’s safe to say that Ravspec has consistently been involved with forging new ground for Japanese cars. This year, Ravspec will have their cars at the Ray’s booth and throughout the show so keep an eye out for them if you are attending.


PRIME is fortunate to have a good relationship with Ravspec over the years because of our shared interest in Japanese-style tuning. We got an intimate chance with the Fugu Z while it was on display at the Ray’s Engineering booth at the NYIAS, check here for part 1 and part 2. This time, we were given an exclusive peek into what Ravspec has been putting together for this year’s SEMA and it is nothing short of a modified fleet of  amazing cars, any of which could win awards in their own right.


First up is Phil’s recently bagged Super Greddy AC037 FD3S fitted with a Porsche 993 headlights by RE Amemiya. You may have seen it at the start of the season at Formula  Drift 2016.  Although it sports the old wheel setup consisting of the Advan RS-DF, it will be blessed with the almighty RG-D2, the latest reiteration of the RG line by Yokohama Wheel once in Las Vegas. Repainted just days before First Class fitment in Arancio Argos found on Aventadors, the RX-7 is perfection. The interior is equipped with the new Bride A.i.R fixed buckets along with carbon fiber throughout. The engine bay with polished pieces garners attention even from non-enthusiasts.







Next up is the new Mazda Miata ND owned by Mark Chin, one of the owners of Ravspec. Development for the ND platform has received some amazing attention as of late by the likes of Bride, Aimgain, Kenstyle, Mazdaspeed just to name a few. It is guaranteed to garner significant aftermarket support. For Ravspec’s ND, it received a healthy dose of aero by Aimgain with a complete widebody kit. Aimgain is known for their aero renditions of VIP cars so I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they made strides towards the ND platform. The wing by Kuhl Racing gives the rear of the Miata that added a touch of aggressiveness. Yes, those are massive Brembos up front, specially developed for the Miata. It not only stops the ND efficiently, but it also fills the space of the 57 Transcend Gram Lights by Ray’s Engineering.  If you look at the graphics of this Miata, you are reminded of the Mazda 787b racecar from years past.



Just like Phil’s FD3S, this ND received new seats courtesy of Bride and their newest fixed bucket seat dubbed A.i.R. developed specifically for the 2-seater roadsters such as the ND. The monocoque construction gives added rigidity and the patented Lowmax system allows the lowest comfortable seating position within the tightest of spaces in cars such as these roadsters. av7u0591



Although Ravspec mainly deals with Japanese cars, there are plenty of parts that are made for their European counterparts. Artisan Spirits is a Japanese company not only known for their high-end aero pieces for many VIP platforms but they also make parts for high-end European cars one of which is the Audi R8. This one in particular sports the full carbon fiber lip kit and spoiler offered by Artisan Spirits. The LLTeK grill along with the lipkit really matches well but be warned of the astronomical price tag of these parts. In fact, modifying anything on this chassis is roughly the cost of a few thousand USD.  The suspension is handled by KW Suspension in the form of  Variant 3 and the optional hydraulic lift system which allows variable height with a touch of a button. The Blackfleet V20SC wheels by Ray’s Engineering took some getting used to for me but it is slowly wearing on me. The IPE exhaust & Raywell Design UK carbon fiber tips provide an aggressive elegance to the car and the total build cost. Edirb seats produced by Bride Japan provide support for the driver and passenger while also reminds us of the Japanese tuning roots.





Up next are the twin R35 GTRs. We won’t go into such details because honestly they deserve their own spotlight and study. Both are bagged by Airlift kits and both are wrapped in battleship gray.  First up is the cross between the Rocket Bunny Pandem kit and the Overtake aero. The car looks very different from its west coast Rocket Bunny counterpart completed by BP Auto. This particular R35 was completed locally. In place of the Rocket Bunny front bumper, an Overtake front bumper was chosen along with the matching rear. If you know Overtake and the brand, carbon fiber is just one of their specialties the company has been able to develop for the R35 platform.  The massive gunmetal VS-XX by Work Wheels compliments the wrap and ties it together.




The last vehicle is the other R35 GTR which is owned by the same person as the R8. This GTR has the full Skipper Japan wide body kit. It also sports custom canards and rear stands for the massive Voltex spoiler. The R35 has a laundry list full of parts which is  also the reason why we have a few images of it. It was being tuned literally 30 minutes before it was loaded onto the truck. We’ll revisit this GTR in a future post. If there is any indication of the quality parts used, the Akrapovic exhaust should give you a small hint.







Spending time with the Ravspec crew makes an outsider like me realize why they have been so successful and that reason has to do with the core members who support the company including Mikey, Winnie, Kenny, Ting, Luis, Phil, Navin and Jeff. Specifically, Calvin has been at this epicenter for a considerable amount during Ravspec’s growth and it shows in his professionalism and work ethic. His coordination is the glue the binds this process. Many sleepless nights and toiling to get the job done are what it takes to get to SEMA and Ravspec has shown time and time again it has what it takes to represent this part of the country. Good Luck at SEMA and much love from back home! In the meantime check out this vid by our partner V I N | Photography.




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