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FCF16: A Different Kind of fitment.

November 8, 2016

If you haven’t checked out our first piece on First Class Fitment written by Edwin, please check it here. As Edwin mentioned, FCF is something that many enthusiasts like ourselves look forward to. It is not merely due to tradition but rather the selection of cars that can be found at the show. FCF has always had a way of bringing out a higher caliber of cars whether it was Euro or Japanese. It is by far one of my favorite shows here in the Northeast. The vibe is chill, the backdrop is scenic and the drive is relatively short.

img_8664This year was interesting for me because I was really tempted to check out Final Bout East but I also had something decent enough to show and being able to roll-out with the rest of the crew from Liberty VIP is always a special occasion. While Edwin focused on Final Form and the curated rotary section during the first piece, I will walk you through some of our favorite cars. I’m going to have an unapologetic and narcissistic moment here and drop the photo below with the crew since it is not every day I get to photograph on an airfield.

av7u0499 av7u0506

There’s no hiding my love for VIP style cars. For the last ten years, I’ve been wanting to do a period correct LS and I’m almost there. Luckily for me, there is no shortage of VIP enthusiasts from NYC and the surrounding areas. Although their interpretation might be different, I can appreciate their style. These two cars below fit the new school interpretation of VIP. It looks great and the color combo is perfect.


I’d argue that today’s definition of fitment differs from that of just few years ago. While there are some who have poke fitment with stretched tires, track fitment or fitment which is much less exaggerated is clearly what we prefer (I’m being a bit of a hypocrite here with my stretched tires on the LS, yes I know). Throughout FCF, we could see that a fitment made for speed is being embraced. I think Chris’ NSX is a perfect example of this.



These two BNR34’s were beautiful on the tarmac, with their fitment that embraces speed.





I don’t know if its just me but the number of NSX’s owned by local enthusiasts must have multiplied two-fold in the recent years but I’m not complaining. These owners aren’t you typical mid-age father types with the khaki shorts, Ray Bans, knit sweater and New Balances. These new owners are people like you and me who idolized these cars in our youth and are now able to afford not only the platform but also the bits that we collect to make it our own.

img_8222 img_8217

I’ve been a huge fan of David’s AP2 for such a long time and seeing the progress with the addition of the TE37 completes the look. His previous additions of hardtop, Momo steering wheel, Spoon mirrors, Amuse bumper, and massive brakes give the AP2 a style assembled for mixed street and track duty.


The S14 came in deep with some common colors.



Although these TSX’s haven’t rubbed off on me quite like the CL7/CL9 of yester generations, this CU2 is great in execution thanks to our friends at Blockstar located in Virginia. The OG TE37’s ties the modern look of the Mugen kit with that of the old styles. Can you expect any less from one of the founders of Canibeat? Great job Cristian, we love the ride.


The guys behind Eat Sleep Race and OGS came and showed some force. Let’s start with Brian with his all business Viper laced on strip ready BBS and semi-slicks. I don’t like American cars normally but I loved it. It looks like David from Final Form feels the same way. Next up is Francis’ R35 GTR with the black chrome and TE37 Ultras. We can see a common thread that runs through these brothers. Next up is Mr.HondaDay himself with of course a Honda but not just any Honda but the ultimate pièce de résistance, the NA2 with mag blue shoes to match. This is what fitment looks like.




Although I’m still not a fan of overfender kits on R35s, this one looked great in person. What’s up Bluezilla, I like your other GTR’s more.



The union between a Euro chassis and Japanese wheels is beautiful.


The day was filled with really beautiful views of the airfield.





Harry’s Ruck looked great among the larger machines.


Although these American machines don’t mesh with PRIME’s interpretation of Japanese cars, no one can deny their attractiveness

av7u0462 av7u0463


The day was great and Canibeat met everyone’s expectations. Check us on Instagram @primenyc.co for additional images we didn’t include in this piece. So 2016 comes to a close with the end of FCF but you can always catch us on the street. In the meantime check out these images below. Peace!



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