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Colorshift: Signal Auto R34

April 16, 2016

Car magazines once left readers inspired and amazed at builds from around the world. Today, with the exception of a few car magazines, news and builds are found through different types of media which span social media and automotive blogs. Things haven’t totally changed, the jaw-dropping just happens differently.

Back in ’02, the Signal Auto R34 graced the issue of Super Street and it instantly had this effect on us. Built by Kousuke Kida, the R34 came in different flavors which included grip spec as well as drift spec versions. What they all shared were ruthless power and the signature Maziora colorshift dubbed Pleiades 2 by Nippon Paint. The colorshift was the first clue to the Signal Auto monster.

Over the years several versions have been built for different purposes. This was the drift spec version. After running the Formula D circuit in America for a couple of years, this car seemed to vanish from the public view. It was unfortunate since it was quite the fan favorite. It was a special moment to see and hear this thing shred or observe its presence while in a booth. A couple of years later, to the surprise of many, it suddenly reappeared and stole the show at the stance/fitment event First Class Fitment. Originally brought out by Colton at Redline Restorations for the Nostalgic Grains booth, the R34 was certainly nostalgic for many long-time enthusiasts. I think what was most appealing about the car was that the owners kept it in its original form.



Easily recognizable is the gutted interior with its single red Bride Gardis and the requisite SSR/Tanabe  Professor SP1. The R34 brought back some memories for us.




Colton gave us a peek at the bay. Even by today’s standard, this was an amazing RB build and ahead of its time.   




The battle scars gave it character and it was a dead giveaway that this car was always driven hard.



Drift Spec Monster:

Grip Spec Monster:

Truly an icon if JDM tuning style. Hope to cross paths with it again at some point in the near future.

Special shout out to Redline Restorations and Nostalgic Grains.

About Pravan
Prav comes from a background in academia and consistently pursues the development of a community both with his work in academia and his interest in all things motor. It is this community which he believes will help preserve automotive history and knowledge, priming a future generation of enthusiasts to expand and improvise on previous builds. Through his lens, he captures fleeting moments as car enthusiasts build, break and rebuild their creations as a means to preserve and express what the enthusiast originally intended. He finds his daily inspiration from the merging of cultures, mainly the transfer of street culture to the front stage of art, food and design. Consequently, nothing is more relevant to this merging than automotive builds meant for the street. You can find his daily life in images IG:@Pravzilla.