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Where are you going in the racecar?

September 27, 2016

With the kind of traffic we get in the city, the last thing you want is to be in a race car with no AC, bucket seats, no power steering, and headache-inducing fumes. These are just a handful of concessions we have to accept in order to drive something fast in the city but is there an alternative? You can get something modern and new but we don’t all have a massive budget but let’s consider something bigger, literally.


With this in mind, it’s easy to see why having a VIP-styled car becomes an attractive approach to modding cars. At least that’s my reasoning. I work in the city and you’ll catch me driving at least a few days into the city without a second’s hesitation. City-living and a VIP car is a great match (with the exception of the parking a land yacht) and this is probably one of the reasons why cities like NYC, Philly, LA and Houston are filled VIP inspiration.


In my younger years, I would have sucked it up and just driven my fast project car into the city regardless of how miserable it made me feel. It wasn’t until I got my BNR32 that I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m getting older and with that sentiment, I’d like a more refined driving experience even if it doesn’t scare myself and the bystanders waiting at the crosswalk.



A drop at Supreme on Lafayette? Sweet, I’ll be right there and park up. A coffee with this woman I just met? I’m there in an instant. It works for how I live and same is true for many others including Anil and his LS460.  Shopping for some new clothes or just hanging out, the VIP LS460 is the perfect vehicle. It doubles as a daily and a show ride. It drops jaws both in the street and at shows.


The air suspension consisting of a bag over coilover setup which helps the car over nearly any city obstacle. The 21 inch Work Zeast ST1 with a mild stretch just rolls over cracks in the pavement. With the Aimgain VIP GT kit, you get a sense of a sportier VIP and it was exactly the look Anil was after. The OEM LS600h headlights give the car the updated look. Yes, those are diamonds on the lugnuts.




It’s worth mentioning that Anil recently picked up the LS from Nawshin, a fellow Liberty VIP member. We are super excited to see how the car progresses as Anil adds some of his personal touches. After seeing this VIP ride aired out, you may think twice about returning to that racecar you have been building. It’s comfort for not only you but all of the passengers. I think that point really speaks to those who are getting older and having responsibilities like a significant other, kids or aging parents.



These big bodies are the perfect canvas to building street machines filled with luxury. If you are reading this and have always wanted a proper VIP sedan, give it a try and I can almost guarantee that you will love the ride even if you aren’t speeding like you once did. With that being said, build a VIP car so that you can slow down and floss in style and comfort.

About Pravan
Prav comes from a background in academia and consistently pursues the development of a community both with his work in academia and his interest in all things motor. It is this community which he believes will help preserve automotive history and knowledge, priming a future generation of enthusiasts to expand and improvise on previous builds. Through his lens, he captures fleeting moments as car enthusiasts build, break and rebuild their creations as a means to preserve and express what the enthusiast originally intended. He finds his daily inspiration from the merging of cultures, mainly the transfer of street culture to the front stage of art, food and design. Consequently, nothing is more relevant to this merging than automotive builds meant for the street. You can find his daily life in images IG:@Pravzilla.