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Night Sessions: PJ’s CT9A

September 21, 2016

Bayside blue is a color we often associate with Nissan and the well-endowed R34 GTR. Honestly, it’s hard to pull off that color unless there are some really aggressive body lines. I’ve seen the color on R32s and it doesn’t do it for me. There is so much involved in picking the right color and it’s as much a reflection of your personality as it is your understanding of car culture. For PJ, he was originally going to go with the stock electric blue but with the advice of his friend and business partner Peter, PJ was convinced bayside blue was right for the added lines of his widebody Evo, provided by the Voltex kit. I guess owning a bodyshop and seeing so many colors come in and out of the shop would make you picky on what color to use on your own car.

63 Final

Last we left off, we checked out Peter’s FD but it’s PJ’s Evo IX which we will have a closer examination. Many Evos within the Tristate rock replica parts furnished by Rexspeed but I’m super happy to say that PJ’s kept it all authentic and has a few rare JDM bits.

PJ Front

The engine work is the cherry on top of this sundae. The bay is all business with just a few touches of carbon fiber and polished goodness. Evolving motorsports built this engine perfectly. When the wastegate opens up you are in for an earful. The 6466 Precision turbo spools in an instant while the engine is fed E85 with the 2200cc injectors. You can hear how aggressive the GSC S3 cams are when the the Evo passes you even at low speed. Driving my VIP LS alongside this street terror was an intimidating instance I found myself in. It has all the makes of a speed machine but with many of the creature comforts of air conditioning and power steering since this is PJ’s daily. Peep that Runduce strut bar!


Endless is a trusted company that has been making big break kits before I began my journey into all things automotive. Ensuring that the Evo has enough stopping power, PJ’s has Endless at all four corners. Yup, baller brakes! Any dude could have gone with Stoptechs or the ubiquitous Brembo GT but this Endless set matches the car both in function and form.


This is a great example of a well thought out CT9A with a great mix of form and function. This street machine can be used for everyday needs without hesitation nor reservation. We’ll leave you now with some parting images. Until next time!

PJ Rear




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