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PRIME Year One

December 30, 2016

The first year of PRIME. A bit cliche, but it does seem like yesterday that Pravan and I met to discuss the creation of a brand that would truly represent the JDM automotive community in the Tri-State area. The two of us, along with some of our trusted partners, set out to bring that concept to reality. Little did we know, a short time later, we would be honored to have supporters all over the East Coast, Chicago, Texas, Thailand and Japan. We seriously can’t thank you all enough. We will not compromise on our vision.

We’re taking a look back at some of our favorite moments and milestones. Time to get a little nostalgic.


Signal Auto R34

The first feature, the legendary Signal Auto R34 from Redline Restorations.


RWB Brooklyn

Nakai-San in BK. What a time to be alive.


Nawshin’s CT9A

A preview of one of 2016’s top East Coast builds. Nawshin would later go on to win two Best of Show awards at Wekfest. His EVO was also featured in SuperStreet magazine.


Shop Talk: A visit to Touge Factory

What’s a visit to Chicago without heading to TF-Works?


Shop Talk: Fizz Autosports

A familiar shop name all New Yorkers in the JDM scene will remember. The Chicago shop continues to thrive.



Reppin’ the East Coast at WEKFEST Chicago with our midwest fam.


The Fugu-Z Part 1

The Fugu-Z at the New York International Car Show with our friends at Ravspec


The Fugu-Z part 2: Chinatown, NYC

Teaming up with Ravspec, a private session in Chinatown with the world famous S30Z owned by Sung Kang.



Limited edition box sticker, printed and released by USDMFREAX Magazine in Japan.


PRIME Presents: 7’s Day

The East Coast’s Rotary Resurgence. Inspired by Japan, we held the first ever 7’s day in America.


Hossen’s 86

An icon of JDM tuning in NYC.


Concrete Original Award

To commemorate 10 Years of Tuner Evolution. A special award, created by PRIME and our trusted partners at Nostalgic Grains and Intrack Tires.

63 Final

PJ’s CT9A and Peter’s FD3S

A built Voltex EVO and a Mazdaspeed FD roaming the streets of New York City. 



Always a good time when the Wekfest tour comes to NJ.


JDM Thailand: C1, Naraka and StreetWeapon

The JDM scene in Thailand rivals that of Japan itself. Pravan gives us a closer look starting with ChapterOne Part 1 and Part 2. NaRaka Original King feature and a Street Weapon feature to follow soon! Stay tuned for those in early 2017.


RavSpec’s entry to SEMA

The local heroes at Ravpsec ready their entry to SEMA. We take a closer look at their builds.


First Class Fitment 2016 Part 1

Final Form and the Rotary Rivalry


First Class Fitment 2016 Part 2

The end of season car show which always raises the bar.


A special event and tribute to NYC’s JDM Car life. With our friends at Final Form USA (Texas), USDMFREAX Magazine (Japan) and Canibeat (East Coast.)

This introductory year has been nothing short of incredible. Not only did we have the opportunity to capture memorable moments as well as builds that set a new standard, we were able to bring people together to share their passion. The friendships and camaraderie we built along the way are what always matters the most in the end. To our supporters, we again express our deepest gratitude. We are committed to continuing the progress as we look ahead into 2017 where we’d like to deepen the relationships we have begun.


Concrete Originals


Born, raised and living in NYC. Love cars, Japan, graphic design, bass music and chillin'. Digital production at The New York Times. PRIME, Bulletproof Automotive, Fatlace and east cost/global car life. Tokyo Extreme Racer and Bronx street racing was where it all began...