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Mike Evo

Prime Shot: VARIS EVO X

June 7, 2016

Mike’s Varis EVO X, memories of our Chicago adventure. The night before we headed back to NYC, Mike and a few friends were kind enough to give us a driving tour of the city. After cruising through the infamous “dark knight” tunnel, we stopped by a location where some enthusiasts tend to gather. Once there, in the middle of our chats, Pravan captured this awesome shot. Mike’s EVO X continues to be one of my favorites. The first time I went to Chicago some years ago, this was actually the car I was looking forward to seeing the most. Chatting with my good friend Avi at Bulletproof Automotive, we agree this CZ4A is perfect. Varis widebody, TE37RT, Project Mu, the list goes on. Not sure if Mike will be making the drive out east this year but I would love to see this in person again soon! Be sure to take a closer look if you happen to cross paths with this epic machine.

Mike: @lateflip77
Prav: @Pravzilla

PRIME! @primenyc.co 😉

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