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Modded cars in the mainstream

March 27, 2017

I’m going to just admit it. I like singers, bands, and rappers when no one liked them. I always thought performers were better on the comeup.  Once they hit the mainstream, it’s already too late. I’m a bit turned off and I find myself calling them traitors to their original fans. Maybe it’s a quirk I have but I’m sure as hell some of you have it too. Recently I peeped a few music videos with cars that we like.

Previously, the fanny pack wearing fool named Rich Chigga came out with a remix to his viral Dat $tick. When I first heard the tune, I thought it was some parody but after a couple of weeks, it gained some traction. Ghostface Killah, Kenmeri, Dekkatora and JDM ass would make a great combo. Who knew?

Gotta love the follow up too. That Rude Playerz C210 Datsun Nissan Kaido Racer looking sick. Familiar from the Redbull F1 Video also.

Unknown to me (Edo) prior to putting this post together, Kris Wu. This music isn’t my style but I’m not hating on it. Six Sigma Auto Rocketbunny NSX along with that now famous FC3S Spotted. I’m into the subtle appearance of parts here and there too. Also, let us all give a standing ovation to Vin Diesel for sitting in the passenger seat of a car and standing up. His contribution to this video was paramount to its success.

While not a music video nor a modded car, still dope to see a chase movie with a WRX for once. Usually, it’s some clunky unpractical massive car used for getaways. Just needs an exhaust, drop, wheels, and a JDM drift crew sticker.

Most recently, the Australian-born ex-stripper Iggy Azalea released her Mo Bounce joint and it had some of the cars from Hong Kong-based Copaze. While I only listened to the video for only 10 seconds (yes, I watched it on mute for the rest of 3:13), the cars looked great. The high caliber of cars that Copaze puts out should have deserved a more talented musician.  *Play at your own risk, probably NSFW.

If you are the common fuckboi waiting on a line to resell or using bots to cop the latest “collab” by hypebeast giant Supreme, this RWB will be right up your alley. Although not an official collab between Supreme and RWB, this one looks really good. Being a faithful follower for years, I have a love/hate relationship with the brand ever since the suburb kids with mommy’s money started buying up bogo shirts.

Then you have the Weeknd’s Party Monster with a really clean FC3S on a fitted set of period-correct Panasport G7. Anyone notice the Goosebumps graphic?

It’s about time our cars got some mainstream cred but let’s hope we don’t get too turned off with our cars hitting the mainstream. If you are a music video producer, thanks for including these cars. If you ever need something super sick, email us. The moral of the story? Keep modding and your ride and it might end up in a music video.

About Pravan
Prav comes from a background in academia and consistently pursues the development of a community both with his work in academia and his interest in all things motor. It is this community which he believes will help preserve automotive history and knowledge, priming a future generation of enthusiasts to expand and improvise on previous builds. Through his lens, he captures fleeting moments as car enthusiasts build, break and rebuild their creations as a means to preserve and express what the enthusiast originally intended. He finds his daily inspiration from the merging of cultures, mainly the transfer of street culture to the front stage of art, food and design. Consequently, nothing is more relevant to this merging than automotive builds meant for the street. You can find his daily life in images IG:@Pravzilla.