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Formula Drift 2016: Round 4, Wall NJ

June 30, 2016

This year, I didn’t go to Formula Drift (FD) for the drifting. There I said it! When Edwin and I started this venture we call PRIME, we promised ourselves that we would give our honest opinions even if it was an unpopular one. FD isn’t what it used to be and this year some of my favorite drifters including Daigo Saito and Masashi Yokoi never even bothered to enter the competition. Nevertheless, the sun was out, the ladies were beautiful and the cars were prepped. This was a recipe for a great day. With that being said, I went to FD to catch up with familiar faces, hang out in the paddock and support our friends at Ravspec, SoFresh and Airlift.



I’ve been putting together an LS430/UCF30 over the winter and it has almost come to fruition.  Although it still needs some minor suspension tweaks to get it fender to lip, I was asked to bring it along as a display car for Airlift. Ask anyone and I’m not much of a show kinda guy but seeing a VIP ride at a major drift event was too humorous to pass up. Airlift could not have had a more different pair of rides; A VIP big body alongside a neon green RWB. Thanks to Mark and Calvin from Ravspec along with Tom from Airlift.




I thought the A8 Recaros are a great touch for the Porsche. Period-correct parts are things that go the extra mile when putting a car together.



Ravspec always brings some of the best street machines and this event was no exception. This time, Nashwin’s Evo was on display but many of Ravspec’s cars were littered at the paddock.





I was really digging this new shirt by SoFresh.


I was eager to see Phil’s Super Greddy FD3S. I remember his Veilside FD and if that was any indication of how much attention to detail he paid in his builds, I wouldn’t be disappointed. The paint is off of a Lamborghini and resembles the Arancio Argos found on Aventadors. Laced with a new set from Advan’s flagship RS line, the RS-DF is a perfect compliment. The RS-DF includes elements of the RS II’s side cut and the RS-D deep spoke design.



Literally alongside the FD was another street legend. Although it started its life as a stateside NSX, this example resembles the NSX-R found abroad just with a rare Comptech blower.

_MG_8706 _MG_8528 _MG_8585

Bronx-native and Honda enthusiast, Ray brought out his S2000 for the KW booth. I really love the Spoon Aero front bumper over the S-tai.

_MG_8531 _MG_8686

The other car in the KW booth was Motorcept’s M3 with a set of Ray’s ZE40. Leo is a master of all things Euro but his choice of wheels is perfect. The mix between Euro and JDM is an amazing union.


Yet another Ravspec car hidden out back by the Driving line booth. Dressed in a Skipper widebody, R35 GTR screams for attention and yes, those are flakes on the wrap.

_MG_8555 _MG_8646

I was hoping to see Mad Mike in action but alas, his Miata was out of order.


A really cool car which didn’t participate in FD was Forsberg’s personal luxury drift sedan.


I want to be honest with our readers so I’ll come clean; I like drifting much more when it was less commercialized and more grassroots. Big money capitalism and advertising are necessary evils but America has always had a way of  replacing something fueled by passion with something fueled by money. All in all, I had a great time because of the people, people who share the same passions that I have.


Until next time! Check out the vid below, shot and edited by our friend from Vin Photography. If you want more images just scroll all the way down and view the gallery below.



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