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Wekfest Chicago 2017 (Part II)

June 5, 2017

Welcome back! If you missed our first piece on Wekfest Chicago, you can check it out here and if you missed Edwin’s interpretation of Itasha design, you can view it here.

Traveling always allows us to see a bunch of other cars that we don’t normally see at the local shows. While the East coast is filled with VIP style rides, seeing David’s LS400 was a welcomes attraction. While we saw this last year, it once again was displayed and won best VIP and it was definitely one of our favorites as well. All black with the black chrome modernizes the look while adhering to classic VIP visual cues such as the Euroline, Wald lip kit, and tucked fitment. While I’m used to seeing the two-tone UCF20, I prefer the single color like seen here with David’s LS.


The other all black car that caught our attention was this R35 with the facelift. While it was not VIP, the all-black look works for the hulking sports cars as it did the VIP car. Instead of the black chrome Eurolines, this GTR has massive Advan GT rollers spec’d for the R35. This was my first time seeing the +’17 front and I love it especially in black. The Phoenix Power lip compliments the lines without making it look overly done.


Here is Raymond’s great example of the new ND Miata. While it is still compact, the revised design cues really present a modern take on the sportster line.


These two Estima/Previa vans are now synonymous to Chicago.



Old School style on this Laurel. Check out the lace pattern paint.



To say that we don’t love Hondas would be a total lie. One thing is for sure, Hondas are well loved in the Midwest.



Loved this super clean blue EG by Vasile Garage.

And right next to it was this super clean CRX. While I want to believe that the beefy tires will provide traction, my experience is that the turbo K with violently launch the light chassis. The dark green color reminds me of this old car called “Spanky” by Benin Industries. I wonder if its the same Nissan paint code


I saw this EF sedan a few years in a row and I’m happy the owner and crew has kept it just as clean as I remembered. While people often stick the classic ef7 or EF9, the EF2 is often overlooked and this is a beautiful example with a modern engine swap and on equips.

How could anyone miss the twin EM1 Civics? The C-West front and ganadors are great touches to any car but more so on cars that are run on a track like this one.


And the Civic of the Festival! We love those front fenders and the addon to continue the wheel arch on the bumper. The Sergent rear bumper wasn’t too shabby either.


While these Kei cars are really affordable, quirky and probably loads of fun, I would be scared of losing my legs in the event of a front-end collision. The car never the less looks beautiful, clean and a sign of the late 80’s and early 90’s.



This S2000 oozes with style. While I personally prefer the Amuse front for street s2000s,  the Voltex front along with the lip is perfect for the aggressive track look. The Voltex swan neck wing along with the ASM I.S. Design rear aero bumper and diffuser completes the look. While the body is silver, incorporating color elements such as the mag blue CE28, black or CF hardtop and yellow headlights & tire letters really brings it all together.



Our friendly neighbors to the north were not out done. Canada came with some really well-executed rides.




And of course the veteran, Benji with the over the top TSX which is also from Canada.


After watching this S14 get unloaded off the trailer for what it seemed like an eternity, the end results was worth it all.


The other drift monster built on an unlikely platform was this G35 sedan.


This Bensopra R35 was easily the biggest surprise but sadly we didn’t vibe with it aesthetically.


There were a few Subarus that deserve their own spotlight so we’ll finish off this piece with some images of them. This Mature kit was such a clean compliment to the blob eye GD STi.


and the engine bay was equally as appealing.


You can’t go wrong with Varis, especially on this hatchback STi.



And some more!





Thinking back to Chicago, we wanted to thank Pat, Zandro, Ray, Allen, Morris, Phalkun, Rob, Mike and Jason and Ginash for always taking the time to make us feel at home in Chicago.

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